Play 1,   2006

by Hugh Lunn

Directed by Leo Bradley


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The Play

It seems almost unnecessary to describe "Over the Top with Jim", since the book has been so popular with Brisbane readers. It became popular Australia-wide when "Macca" serialised the book on "Australia All Over", but the play is not so well known.
Hugh Lunn has retained all the heartwarming moments from the book, such as a football game and a trip to Melbourne in the family Zephyr Six (for our younger readers - a Zephyr was a much loved Ford car).
At least we won't have people asking us (as Hugh is often asked) "Is there such a place as Annerley Junction?".

The Author and Playwright

It is also unnecessary to provide much biographical detail on Hugh Lunn, since so much is so well documented in the play (and book) itself. However in addition, it can be said that Hugh was and is a Brisbane Journalist - currently he writes a regular column entitled "My Backyard" for the Sunday Mail (Queensland).
He has also written "More Over the Top with Jim Stories" (broadcast by Macca on "Australia All Over"), "Head Over Heels", "Spies Like Us", "Vietnam: A Reporter's War" and "On the Road to Anywhere".

For more information on Hugh's books and writings see :

The Director

At Villanova Players, Leo Bradley most recently directed Shakespeare's "As You Like It".
Leo has been involved in Theatre for many years, most usually as a designer of sets and costumes, and lately as a director. He has become known for the innovative set design of shows such as "Oklahoma!", "Fiddler on the Roof" and for last year's "The Shifting Heart" and "Secret Bridesmaid's Business".
Other memorable designs were the hysterically romantic costumes for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and the Regency costumes for "The Busybody".
He has been a keen supporter and member of Villanova Players, appearing on stage in "Away", "Snapshots from Home" and "'Allo, 'Allo".
Leo was the director of the acclaimed production of "As You Like It" in 2004.
Choral singing is also one of Leo's passions. He has for many years been a member of the Brisbane Chorale, but currently is singing with the Beit Knesset Shalom Choir, where he enjoys being the "token" Catholic.

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The Cast



Hughie Lunn Robert Garnham
Jim - Deemah Ronan Lock
Jackie Lunn Stuart Waters / Justin Dennis
Olive Lunn Colleen Lock
Fred Lunn Wayne Symes
Gay Lunn Anthea Lock
Sheryl Lunn Nicole Bilson
Sister Vincent Natalie Mead
Brother Basher Terry Wockner
Sam Wheeler Blaise Ahern / LachlanWalker
Sister Veronica Anthea Lock
Sister James Sandra Hogan
Sam AherneBlaise Ahern / Lachlan Walker
Joan WaldrenMira Cvetkovic
Johnny SummersNathan Schrauf / Thomas Malden
Kathleen VingoNicole Bilson
Convent School GirlBisa Kovac
Mrs Bushell Sandra Hogan
Joyce Jane Sizer
Joyce's oldest son Blaise Ahern / Lachlan Walker
Kenny Fletcher Nathan Schrauf / Thomas Malden
Aunty Vera Jane Sizer
Uncle Cyril Bob Smith
Johnny Duncan Nathan Schrauf/Thomas Malden
Lance Corporal Blaise Ahern/ Lachlan Walker
Mrs Stewart Ann Gaffney
Policeman Bob Smith
Man Jeff Ahern
Singers David Dellit
Libby Stockdale
Sandra Hogan

The Production Team



Director Leo Bradley
Musical Director Ann Gaffney
Assistant Pianist Ted Myers
Stage Manager Carissa Zygis
CrewVeronica Pronger
Robert Wockner
Production Manager Kerri Schrauf
Casting Cttee Liaison Glynne Liddy
Publicity Megan Channer
Designer Costume David Watermeyer
Designer Set Leo Bradley
Designer Lighting Steven Tibbits
Props Sourcing Jan Veacock
Designer Sound Justin Kingma
Slides & Photography Sandra Hogan
Bookings Mary Woodall

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