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from Home

by Margery Forde

directed by Maria Plumb with Leo Wockner

5 - 20 Mar 2022

About the Show

"We just carried on... even with our loved ones away for so long. Everyone shared things... food, knitting and dressmaking patterns. There was this great feeling of pulling together... of making do.”

Based on the wartime memories of twenty-four men and women from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Snapshots from Home shares the stories of ordinary people living through extraordinary times.

An honest, heartbreaking, and hilariously funny glimpse at the realities of life on the home front during World War II.

Cast & Crew


Musical Director

Choreographer/Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Technical Coordinator


Maria Plumb with Leo Wockner

Rosemary Murray 

Lynette Wockner

Mary Woodall          

Leo Bradley

Beth Allen

Jean Spencer 

Josephine Stockdale

Liz Morris 

Lorraine Fox 

Milton Scully

Nikolai Stewart 

Patrick Eavens

Rod Thompson 

Rosemary Murray 

Tainika Kane-Potaka


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Sun 6 Mar

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