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Very Still & Hard to See 

by Steve Yockey

21 - 23 Apr

directed by Cale Dennis & Samara Louise


This collection of short plays recounts the history of a cursed hotel & the unfortunate guests who stay there. From riding in an erratic elevator & dealing with possessive ghosts to managing an ever-expanding hole in the floor armed only with cleaning supplies, these encounters with the unkown chillingly collapse the distance between the real & the surreal & remind us that, sometimes, bad things do happen for a reason.


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Daylight Saving

by Nick Enright

9 - 18 Jun

director Helen Ekundayo


Felicity has it all; a successful Sydney restaurant, a home with water views and a handsome jet setting husband.


But with the sudden visit by an old flame, infidelity could be on the cards. Felicity’s plans for a candle-lit reunion go awry when a string of unexpected visitors drop by.


My Family & Other Animals

by Gerald Durrell

adapted by Janys Chambers

25 Aug - 3 Sep

director Leo Bradley


It's 1935, and an eccentric English family – four children, their widowed mother, and Roger the dog – arrive on the sun-soaked shores of Corfu to start a new life.

For eleven-year-old Gerry Durrell, the extraordinary landscape provides the perfect playground. Its exotic fauna inspires a life-long fascination with the animal kingdom and his much-loved memoir.


Gwen in Purgatory

by Tommy Murphy

6 - 8 Oct

director Lucy Moxon


Gwen is 90. She woke up this morning to discover that purgatory is sitting alone in a new house in a new subdivision on the edge of town, trying to work out if the remote in her hand operates the TV, the air-con or the fanforced oven.


But the kids are coming round and Father Ezekiel is on his way to bless the house, so the beginning of the end is looking up...

Cats Meow crop.png

The Cat's Meow

by Steven Peros

17 - 26 Nov

director Roslyn Johnson


Based on the true story of a mysterious Hollywood death, The Cat's Meow offers a fascinating cross section of Jazz Era characters who intersect for one notorious weekend on board William Randolph Hearst's yacht in 1924. 


Weekend guests include: Charlie Chaplin, who has been carrying on with movie star Marion Davies, a secret known to Davies' paramour, the married – and much older -- Hearst; and movie mogul Thomas Ince, who is hoping to revive his flagging fortunes by forming a partnership with Hearst. Playing with fire, Ince tries to convince Hearst that he can handle both Marion's movie career... and her private life as well.

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